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The focus of our expertise lies in the automotive and product development skills of our entire team.  Find out more about this in a face-to-face discussion.


Rapid Prototyping is an essential part of the product development process. With today’s short lead times from design to market,  this step allows designers and engineers to see high accuracy prototypes for verifying design, fit and function. Prototypes can be made in a variety of materials from plastic to metals using different technologies.

We can p rovide you:
  - 320 x 154 x 132 mm volume size
  - 100 μm resolution
  - Composite Base material (micro carbon fiber filled nylon) | Flexural Modulus 3GPa
  - Multicolor PLA
  - Softtouch TPU | Shore hardness 95
  - Fibreglass | 10x stronger than ABS

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e- CARGO VAN, is an R&D project about a sustainable vehicle solution for electric VAN for last mile delivery. 

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